Snapchat Updates Stories Feature

Trying to stay a step ahead of Facebook and other copycats, Snapchat is rolling out a fancier version of its popular Stories feature.

The new “custom” offering makes it possible for users to share geo-fenced stories with select friends. For example, people can use the new feature to share party pictures and video only with certain friends within range of the event.

Facing mounting pressure since its public offering, the self-described “camera company” continues to experiment with new features.

The company recently began letting people decide whether they wanted their snaps to disappear after being viewed by a friend Snap also recently added a new Loop tool for videos so users can decide if their snap plays once or in a perpetual loop.

Meanwhile, rivals continue to steal Snap’s ideas nearly as fast as it can create them. Facebook recently added ‘Stories’ to its flagship app.

Like Snapchat’s own Stories service, Facebook’s offering encourages users to share multiple photos and videos as part of a "visual collection" atop their News Feed.

Like Snap’s service, Facebook’s Stories disappear 24 hours after users post them. Akin to Snapchat, Facebook also recently debuted a camera with which users can add all sorts of silly filters and editing effects to pictures and video.

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