Yank This, You Bloody Bots!

Ad tech firm Sonobi today is unveiling its new ad campaign, “Beware Of The Yank,” a film series (from White Lightning + The Judge's Son) for the UK market depicting an oily “Bro-bot” character that heads a sleazy ad-tech firm. The bot and his firm represent everything that is wrong with the ad-tech industry.

The campaign is a follow-up to Sonobi’s “Beware of the Bro-bots” campaign that debuted in the US last September. The “Beware of the Yank” campaign has a similar message for the audience across the pond. That is that technology should help the business of creative communications, not simply profiteer on it, via ad fraud and other unscrupulous means.

The film parodies the bad practices and lack of honesty that the firm says are rife in programmatic advertising. It depicts Bro-bot “Bryn Bottenfeld, CEO and Chief Disruptor” at fictional ad-tech firm Adifibly.



The new “Yank” iteration tells of Bottenfeld’s efforts, to broaden his sketchy marketing firm’s footprint to the UK.  In a pitch to one UK client led by Bottenfeld, who looks like a human but for his skeletal-shaped metallic head and high-beam-like eye sockets, the pitch goes awry as the prospect pretty quickly picks up on the firm’s bogus proposition.

Bottenfeld is shown throughout the film spouting pearls of comic idiocy like “Open private marketplaces, Leon, what is there not to understand about that?”

For its UK campaign launch, Sonobi will run “Beware of the Yank” ads on YouTube beginning today, and across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as JetStream’s viewable display and video.

Gareth Holmes, MD EMEA at Sonobi, said of the effort:  “The series of short films is our way of saying we know what has come before us and we are not happy to settle for the status quo. Sonobi wants to make things easier, by making the buying and selling of digital media more efficient, and offering complete transparency, while doing so with personality.”

That’s a lot more sensical than anything “Bryn” has to say in the films.


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