Peloton Brings The Workout Home

Why go to the gym for a ride, when you can bring the ride to you?

Peloton, a company looking to revolutionize the fitness industry via connectivity and technology, is launching a new national television campaign to show off the company’s ability to produce a gym-level workout within the comforts of one’s own home. (The company makes stationary bikes equipped with tablets for in-home streaming of group cycling classes.)

“The market for at-home fitness is huge; in fact, more Americans work out at home than anywhere else,” Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, svp of brand marketing, at Peloton tells Marketing Daily. “Peloton is the only way to bring the motivation and power of a group fitness class into your home. The campaign shows you that Peloton is the most engaging workout that will make you want to show up every single day.”



With the tagline, "Hello, Let's Go," the spot, directed by award-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, features the Ramones’ classic “Blitzkreig Bop” (with it’s rousing “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go,” intro) as it showcases a number of people using their Peloton bikes from their homes. The spot energetically shows people strapping into the bike pedals in various locations — a suburban living room, a city apartment at night, etc. — and using the technology to navigate to a class. A voiceover suggests the experience is like riding in a peloton, with “a couple thousand friends chasing each other up a hill” or a mountain, and encouraging people to find the “better version of you.” As the exercisers finish their rides, they are shown ready to get back to their every day lives immediately, being greeted by dogs and young children. The spot ends with the voiceover asking, “Ready to go?”

“With ‘Hello, Let's Go,’ we wanted to rally these people to Peloton with an exciting, shake-your-head-to-the-beat, Ramones-level invitation to experience the power of a live studio cycling ride at home,” said Ian Kovalik, founder and executive creative director of Mekanism, the agency that created the spot. “We wanted to show people that whether you’re in your kitchen keeping an eye on your kids or sneaking in a ride before a conference call, there is a community of riders waiting for you and pushing you to work even harder.”

The campaign targets both those who head out to a fitness center and those who choose to workout at home. The message is to show off the quality and simplicity of Peloton’s equipment and classes. 

“There are people doing studio / group fitness, and there are others doing at-home fitness equipment or apps, but there are drawbacks with each,” Tisch Blodgett says. “Studio fitness tends to be inconvenient, and at-home fitness equipment/apps end up collecting dust or going unused because they just aren’t motivating enough day to day. Peloton has created an entirely new category of fitness. We have merged the best of studio fitness classes and the convenience and comfort of working out at home.”

The spot launches in Denver and Seattle on May 24 (in conjunction with the opening of showrooms in those cities), and will roll out nationally on May 29. The company has targeted event programming such as the French Open and the Tour de France, and has doubled its media investment for the spring and summer to $10 million

Peloton has released national campaigns in the past — however, with “Hello. Let’s Go,” we made a definitive decision to show for the first time how Peloton fits into a larger variety of lifestyles, whether you're a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids or a single guy working long hours in the city,” Tisch Blodgett says. “With this new, more broadly relatable spot and the increased media support we are putting behind it, we plan to welcome many more people into the Peloton family.”

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