Varick Partners With Vistar Media On Out-of-Home Omnichannel Programmatic Buying

As targeting consumers across all channels becomes more important, Varick on Monday said it is partnering with Vistar Media to bring programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media into Varick’s omnichannel buying solution. The partnership will enable Varick to access Vistar’s demand-side platform and exchange for OOH media. Varick said that by adding OOH, marketers will be able to reach consumers offline more easily.

“By working with Vistar, we can now reach valuable audiences as they move throughout the real world,” stated Kait Boulos, VP of client strategy and partnerships at Varick.

Varick said it will now be able to use first- and third-party segments to target consumers as they move throughout their day. 


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