Google Adds AI-Powered Job Listings To Search Engine

On Tuesday, Google said it will begin serving up help-wanted job descriptions that its search engine collects across the Internet with help from artificial intelligence.

Typing in the query "jobs near me," or "jobs as a chief" will return a swath of information. The data will enable users to filter the jobs by industry and location, when they were posted, and employer.

The tool aggregates data from sites like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor will include employer ratings from former and current and provide the distance for a typical commute to the job locations.

It's a departure from the way that Google has aggregated and served information in its search engine in the past. For news, the company has served up snippets of information and forced readers to click through to the Web site hosting the information or expand on the information by serving up a card.

Google also created a dedicated guide to help those who want their listings to appear in the search results. Google calls it "enriched" search, and defines it as a subset of rich results. It is driven by "Google Search ranking algorithm," so in addition to adding the correct structured data on pages, companies must follow specific quality guidelines so that Google can properly index and rank the pages.



It's not clear whether Google will allow brands to bid on job-related keywords, making conquesting an option for employers to find the best employees.

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