Content Marketers Not Yet Using AI, Survey Shows

Digital marketers know that artificial intelligence, voice search and the Internet of Things could be key to their future. But most are not yet using them to deliver content, according to a survey by BrightEdge.

While 32% agree that AI is “the next big thing,” 57% will probably not implement any elements of it this year. And less than half are using data to determine content strategy.

Yet they need some kind of stimulus, as 71% say that less half their content is consumed. And less than 9% believe that three-fourths of their content achieves engagement.  

This is hurting them in the winner-take-all post-mobile world, as Jim Yu, CEO of BrightEdge called it in a statement. And it follows that this severely limits their email targeting and their ability to integrate email into this digital ecosystem. 

Who are we talking about? BrightEdge polled 250 digital marketers at Fortune 500 companies.

Many are barely making the transition from desktop to mobile:  Over a quarter think mobile is “the next big thing,” BrightEdge reports. And while 31% think voice search is the next big thing, 66% have no plans to implement it 

On a more positive note, the respondents said organic search was their top marketing initiative. And 51% listed creating content for local markets as a priority in 2017. 

In another shift, many are also developing micro content — “small custom elements highly optimized for specific consumer searches and questions.” This short-form content now has priority over costly, long-form content formats such as Webinars, case studies and research reports. 

Yet the leading content types are blogs, social media and videos. And B2C marketers are getting better content consumption rates than B2B.

The top content metrics? Conversion, engagement and traffic.

One more point: BrightEdge seems to feel that the use of data to drive content strategy by “nearly half” is positive. This could be why those marketers see the potential of AI, voice and local search -- even if execution lags. 

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