'The Nation' Launches Tool To Give Readers Activism Opportunities

Progressive publication The Nation is launching a newsletter to share activism opportunities with readers via email.

“Take Action Now” is a weekly online email initiative that will be released every Tuesday. It will be published later online so readers can share it on social media and other platforms.

The newsletter curates activism and organizing events and actions around the U.S., described by The Nation as a tool “for readers looking to get involved but unsure of where to start.”

"Founded by abolitionists at the end of the Civil War, The Nation has long been a publication of resistance -- believing that movements have the capacity to bring about a more democratic and equitable world," stated editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel. The Nation was founded in 1865.

Each week, "Take Action Now" offers three options: one that takes a few minutes, one that takes a few hours and one that involves a deeper commitment.



In a post, The Nation described the format of the newsletter: “Instead of a comprehensive list of everything that’s happening, “Take Action Now” will highlight three meaningful ways you can get involved each week—even if you already have a full plate. We don’t expect anyone’s activism to end at what they find in their “Take Action Now” emails, but we hope you’ll find it a great place to start.”

The first edition, out this past Tuesday, focused on healthcare legislation and connecting with readers’ local communities. It included a call to action to contact senators to “demand they stop Trumpcare and protect the Affordable Care Act,” host or attend a dinner in partnership with Florida-based youth organization Dream Defenders, and organize a sit-in outside senators’ offices “to protect the ACA.”

Digital communications manager Sarah Arnold stated the goal behind “Take Action Now” is “to point our readers to concrete offline action” and “to bring clarity to which opportunities were most in need of their attention."

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