Triton Digital Launches Audio-Centric Supply-Side Platform

Triton Digital on Friday launched Yield-Op, a supply-side platform (SSP) built specifically for digital audio. The platform, built to meet the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s OpenRTB protocol, will integrate with audio-optimized demand-side platforms (DSPs) including The Trade Desk, AppNexus, RTBiQ, AudioTrade, and StrikeAd, among others.  Triton said Yield-Op allows publishers using any ad server to connect with multiple DSP’s without modifying their existing technology.

Triton said Yield-Op will enable publishers to manage access, regulate pricing floors, and configure direct deals with specific buyers, brands, or sales organizations. The company said Yield-Op is currently being used by publishers including CBS Radio, Prisa Radio, and Talpa Radio. Publishers can use the SSP to reach audiences across listening devices including mobile phones, smart speakers, WiFi-connected devices, and in the car. 

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