Amazon Echo Show Goes On Sale, Drives Consumer Excitement

It’s too early to judge sales success, but Amazon’s Echo Show that goes on sale today is at least causing some excitement.

At a conference called Big Voice put on by the Boston Innovators Group in Boston yesterday, presenters were asked what feature they would like to have in a voice control device.

Chris Lamb, manager of mobile products, InterContinental Hotels Group, said a screen, which the new Echo Show finally has.

Lamb said the hotel chain has been testing Amazon Echo devices in hotel rooms since last year.

In another gauge, a study out today found that more consumers are excited about Amazon’s Echo Show than they are about the Echo Look or the Apple HomePod.

The study, comprising a survey of more than 2,000 consumers conducted by BI Intelligence, shows that 50% of consumers are excited about the Echo Show, with 13% of them being very excited.



This compares to 43% of consumers excited about Apple’s HomePod and 36% excited about Amazon’s Echo Look.

Apple’s HomePod has a higher awareness but BI Intelligence suggests that excitement is a far better indicator of how likely consumers are to follow through with expressed intent to make a purchase.

As might be expected, many of those excited about the Echo Show are self-identified early adopters.

Now the actual sales begin.

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