[24]7 Adds High-Frequency Bidding Per Device For Search Campaigns

[24/]7 has added high-frequency bids per device to its Customer Acquisition Cloud platform in an effort to automate paid keyword search bidding on the Google and Bing advertising platforms.

High-frequency bidding refers to the number of times that marketers can adjust and optimize bids. The new feature automatically adjusts search term bids up to eight times an hour, or 192 times per day, allowing marketers to target advertisements to consumers based on the time of day, location and, now, whether they initiate the search from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

AdWords, DoubleClick, Kenshoo, and Marin Software provide similar features, but do not allow marketers to adjust bids that frequently, according to Angela Sanfilippo, senior director of product marketing at [24]7.

"Most bid up to two times per day with the exception of DoubleClick that bids up to four times per day," Sanfilippo said.

Using [24/]7 new feature, The Holiday Place, a U.K. independent travel agency for experiential holidays, has seen a 40% increase in conversion at a 3% lower cost-per-action. The company went from placing 7,693 total bids on their paid search keywords in 12-week test period before and more than 3.65 million total bids in 12-week test period after.



Others have also seen increases. The free-to-play MMO eSports site Wargaming.net saw 22% more conversions and 12% lower cost per acquisition (CPA), and  Subaru experienced a 7% increase in conversions and a 5% reduction in cost per acquisition for their mobile paid search ads using [24]7’s Predictive Search Bidding.

The company’s newly enhanced Customer Acquisition Cloud suite gives search marketers the ability to take advantage of device modifier bidding using a proprietary algorithm, and mobile search improvements have been made through a partnership with Marchex, which delivers digital marketing automation for inbound call campaigns.

Marketers can integrate and measure offline calls, gain insights into acquisition campaigns, and optimize search bidding based on key conversions that happen in the call center.

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