Flipboard Adds 90 Pubs To Platform Across Europe

Flipboard has teamed up with publishers in France, Germany, U.K., Italy and Spain to add 90 publications to its platform, which allows publishers to produce digital content in magazine-like formats that can be shared by users.

Users can also create their own digital “magazines” by aggregating news stories, images and videos.

The publications added to the Flipboard platform include Les Echos, Spiegel Online, El Diario, NME Magazine, Hello! and the Italian edition of Rolling Stone.

These titles will join Flipboard’s roster of publisher partners, which already includes more than 5,700 European sources. With this expansion, Flipboard will begin rolling out a monetization strategy in France, U.K. and Germany.

Publisher partners can add a “flip” button to their content to let users access and share it, which grows brands’ referral traffic from Flipboard — another way to monetize digital content.



For example, Tim Miller, audience development manager at UK business and finance publication City A.M., said the title has seen 10% of its traffic come from Flipboard since partnering with the platform.

A few original publisher partners can also paginate their content and run ads in them specifically for Flipboard.

Flipboard has raised over $200 million in funding, and reaches more than 100 million readers every month.

Earlier in July, Flipboard partnered with The Enthusiast Network (TEN) and its 25 properties, including GrindTV and Surfer.
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