Choozle Bows ChoozleCares To Provide Free Ad-Tech Support To Nonprofits

In keeping with the corporate trend toward socially aware investments, software-as-a-service digital advertising platform Choozle launched ChoozleCares, a program that will provide free ad-tech services to Colorado nonprofits, on Wednesday.

ChoozleCares will pick four Colorado nonprofits and develop a month-long advertising campaign for each, providing them with ad-tech capabilities rarely used at the nonprofit level.

The nonprofits will get help in designing creative assets, developing target audiences, activating advertising strategies, and optimizing their campaigns.

A main KPI of the campaigns will be donations.

Nonprofits can apply to the program at the Choozle website. Participants will be notified at the beginning of August, and the first campaigns will go live on Aug. 8.

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