Acxiom Expands To Mexico

Acxiom announced on Monday it will be making its InfoBase  and AbiliTec products available in Mexico, giving marketers the chance to reach an additional 78 million consumers across digital platforms using third-party on- and offline data.

InfoBase combines market data from local sources including extensive demographic information like age, education, affluence and property. AbiliTec is Acxiom’s identity graph, unifying various sets of market data in a device-unified fashion.

The company is also expanding its partnership with 4INFO, a mobile-first, cross-screen marketing platform. Acxiom will use 4INFO’s device-matching technology to map Mexican consumers across devices and get it ready for audience activation.

“As the digital ecosystem crosses borders, more of Acxiom’s clients and partners need data and identity solutions to drive their global people-based marketing strategies,” stated Rick Erwin, president of Acxiom’s audience solutions division.

Ad spend in Mexico is expected to reach $6.17 billion by the year 2020. Acxiom has further expansions expected in Latin America in the near future.

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