HubSpot Acquires AI, Machine-Learning Startup Kemvi

HubSpot, the provider of an inbound marketing sales platform, has acquired Kemvi, an artificial intelligence and machine learning startup. The terms were not disclosed.

Kemvi’s algorithm, DeepGraph, delivers data on buyers and prospects to sales reps, enabling them to create personalized emails, while avoiding time-consuming tasks, according to HubSpot. The technology also identifies new market segments. The technology also suggests emails.

Today’s B2B buyer expects “a personalized experience throughout the buying process, meaning that the modern salesperson needs to spend valuable time conducting research and tailoring each interaction with that buyer,” states Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot.

AI frees salespeople from manual chores, enabling them to spend time on other sales tasks, according to HubSpot.

HubSpot assists clients with their email marketing, social media publishing and monitoring, marketing automation and reporting and analytics.  It has customers in over 90 countries.

In addition to serving marketing clients, Kemvi has conducted machine-learning work for the Dept. of Defense, the intelligence community and the SEC.




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