Facebook Tops Brand Visbility, Inspires 'Happiness'

As Facebook reports  substantial Q2 earnings  -- up 45% from same period last year, mostly mobile-based -- its brand also remains strong, especially among U.S. consumers.

Asked about companies that connect the world, Facebook was mentioned far more than any other brand, according to recent findings from System1 Research.

In terms of connectedness, Facebook was mentioned at double the rate of Google, nearly three times the rate of Apple, and more than 10 times the rate of Twitter. 

More broadly, 81% of consumers say they use Facebook on a regular basis, according to the behavioral science and marketing company formerly known as BrainJuicer, which based its findings on a sample of 850 U.S. adults.

Asked about regular use, Google was cited by 79% of respondents, while 43% of consumers cited Apple and Twitter, 40% cited Instagram and 25% cited Snapchat.

Not only that, the social media site also brings some joy to its users. More consumers (55%) said Google’s brand inspired happiness than those who said Facebook inspired happiness (50%).

That was significantly higher than the 40% of consumers who said Apple stirred happiness in their hearts, or the 32% who linked the Twitter brand to happiness. Some 30% linked Instagram to happiness, while 25% connected Snapchat to the emotion.

Despite recent efforts to repair its brand, Twitter elicited the most negative emotions among respondents. A full 9% of consumers connected the brand with contempt, while 5% associated the brand with disgust.

This post was adapted from a story published in an earlier edition of Digital News Daily.

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