Bing Ads Reshaped By Marketer Feedback

Marketers want Microsoft to allow Bing Ads to target LinkedIn audiences, according to a post on the Bing Ads UserVoice website. It's one piece of advice in a long list that Bing frequently receives to help it improve features in its search advertising platform.

"Do it quick," one user requested in the forum, while another wrote: "This would actually give Bing Ads something Google AdWords doesn't have [that] would be actually highly valuable."

Microsoft engineers have been working to update the Bing Ads platform based, in part, on feedback it receives on the UserVoice website. The team uses the insights to make changes. It has made important changes to five key areas based on the feedback since the beginning of the year.

Those areas include Bing Ads Editor, reporting, targeting and budget management controls, Sitelink Extensions management, and billing management.

Bing Ads Editor now allows marketers to make changes in bulk, using the left-hand navigation menu to select multiple campaigns or ad groups. And now it is also possible to make bid adjustments by device type directly within the main screen.

To improve reporting, Bing Ads now features the impression-share report, which shows marketers how often their ads serve up in search results compared with the competition. And to validate editorial content, the platform will check landing pages and alert marketers in the Bing Ads web interface when pages lead to 404 error over a sustained period of time, although that amount of time isn't quite clear. Better targeting options also resulted from user feedback, which includes mobile-only bidding capabilities, per Microsoft.

One of the changes Bing engineers made in response to the feedback is the ability to opt out of desktop targeting with 100% bid adjustment, allowing marketers to create dedicated campaigns for mobile users.

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