Rubicon Project Launches New Outstream Video Format

Rubicon Project announced on Thursday the launch of a new outstream video advertising solution. The video player, which has been successfully rolled out to over 300 publishers on the Rubicon exchange, uses the video capabilities of JW Player, a worldwide network-independent video platform.

The new outstream solution was developed to help solve advertising challenges caused by scarcity of premium video inventory, latency and viewability. Publishers are also now connected to nearly 100 video DSPs representing tens of thousands of advertisers across the globe.

Outstream video offers advertisers the ability to insert engaging video creative directly into editorial content, and according to eMarketer, both publishers and media buyers have pointed to outstream video as a primary driver of growth in 2017.

“As a seamlessly integrated part of our unified platform, Rubicon Project’s OutStream video solution makes it easier for publishers to create net-new video inventory and for marketers to achieve the engagement metrics and audience impact they seek,” stated John Peragine, the global head of video at Rubicon.

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  1. H C from, August 20, 2017 at 8:35 p.m.

    As the CEO of we continue to see new entrants, but very few that have the dedication, time, and expertise to truly figure out a great outstream solution as a part of a broader SSP offering.  

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