Choozle Launches Creative Asset Library For Programmatic Advertising

Self-serve digital ad platform Choozle on Wednesday launched a creative asset library designed for programmatic advertising.

The library lets users bulk-upload, manage, and edit campaign assets, uploading up to 100 of various types of files all at once into a company’s interface. Users can sort creative assets by date, time created or modified, or file type. When campaigns are completed, users can archive assets.

Choozle said it built the system to respond to clients who were spending too much time on managing creative assets instead of spending more time devising high-performing programmatic campaign strategies.

Choozle did a private beta test starting in June with select customers and observed a decrease of 66% in time spent devoted to trafficking creative assets. Upload speeds also increased 92%.

“This improvement has already saved us a lot of time, and it will continue to allow us to focus on strategy and optimizations instead of creative asset management,” stated said Kelly Hinds, media strategist at The Denver Post Media.

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