Adobe Advertising Cloud Partners With Rubicon Project To Offer Digital Audio

Acknowledging the growing demand for streaming audio, Adobe Advertising Cloud said it will expand its cross-channel advertising capabilities by adding digital audio advertising formats on desktop and mobile devices.

Adobe will partner with Rubicon Project to enable advertisers to plan and buy media across digital audio environments.

By adding digital audio formats to its media planning and buying software, Adobe said marketers will be able to centralize targeting and reporting across devices including desktops, smartphones, and tablets, and send sequential messages across formats.

For example, brands will be able to run an audio ad followed by a video ad. Advertisers can also use Adobe Advertising Cloud’s native integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud to add on first- and third-party data to target behavioral, demographic, and geographic audience segments, and receive Nielsen-verified audience reporting on consumers' age and gender.

"With the rise of streaming music, digital audio has rapidly become one of the most prolific advertising formats for marketers today," Keith Eadie, vice president of revenue and partnerships, Adobe Advertising Cloud, told Digital News Daily via email. "We think that by adding yet another arrow to our quiver, we can help marketers build reach and drive engagement with viewers wherever they are."

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