Millennials Demand Personalization In Vehicle Purchases

Millennials expect their car to match their personality and their personal lifestyle choices, according to a survey commissioned by Mini USA.

The survey of more 1,000 Americans revealed 21% of Millennials want more options to enable them to “make the car their own” while 39% say their current set of wheels is already a two-ton version of their persona.

The automaker’s bi-annual cross country road trip, Mini Takes The States, is a testament to the thousands of ways owners can and will personalize their vehicle, said Patrick McKenna, department head, Mini brand communications, Mini USA.

“You can walk through the parking lot of more than 500 Minis and not one of them is the same,” McKenna said in a release. The automaker says it offers more than 10 million personalization options from racing stripes and premium upholstery finish options to contrasting roof and mirrors.



Things that aren’t quite as important to Millennials?  Safety and cost.  The survey found only 21% of Millennials say safety ratings play a role in their purchasing decisions while 42% of Millennials surveyed confirm that cost is a factor when buying or leasing a vehicle.

This survey was conducted among a sample of 1,017 adults comprising 505 men and 512 women 18 years of age and older on behalf of Mini USA. The Caravan ORC International online omnibus study is conducted twice a week among a demographically representative U.S. sample of 1,017 adults 18 years of age and older. This survey was live on June 29-July 2.

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