MoPub Launches Viewability Measurement

Twitter’s MoPub said it has launched the MoPub SDK (software development kit) with viewability support from media measurement providers Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Moat. The release enables publishers that update to MoPub’s latest SDK to offer buyers in-app inventory that is measurable for viewability, along with any of the other metrics that IAS and Moat offer.

In making the viewability measurement available globally, MoPub said it is attempting to address the needs of both buyers and sellers. “For in-app publishers, we know that supporting multiple SDKs can be resource-intensive and disruptive. For marketers, and the DSPs [demand-side platforms] who support them, we also know that they typically have a measurement partner of choice,” Meridith Miller, head of commercial partnerships, MoPub, wrote in a blog post launching the SDK.

Miller said the new solution enables both IAS and Moat by default in any of the more than 49,000 apps on the MoPub platform once a publisher updates to the latest version of the SDK. Publishers looking to enable viewability measurement for their direct campaigns or mediated network partners can also use the integrated SDK. MoPub noted that viewability measurement is relatively new for in-app publishers. “Yet we know from the maturity of the metric on desktop that this data is just as valuable to a publisher as it is to a marketer,” Miller wrote.

MoPub used the example of TheScore -- a sports utility app that offers live scores, breaking news, and stats on sports -- to show the impact of MoPub’s viewability solution on their monetization strategy. “Viewability has become critical for our monetization strategy. It’s helping us deliver the right value and meet the goals of our advertisers, as well as drive an increase in revenue,” stated Taylor Coulis, director of programmatic, TheScore.

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