Company Plans Surveys Via Cell Phone

Wireless marketing company CLX plans to announce today that it has completed a pilot program for businesses that wish to send surveys to consumers via wireless devices.

The program, dubbed "Pollcast," allows companies using its survey platform to compensate its users for their responses, either through small cash sums (which are applied to their mobile phone bills) or through airline miles, or hotel or car rental bonus points. The user base comes from a group of opt-in subscribers--dubbed "MemberMatrix"--collected by CLX itself. The company keeps extensive demographic data on its subscriber base, including geographic location, age, gender, and preferences for various consumer goods. The subscribers are 15 years of age and up, and sign up to receive poll messages from CLX in exchange for compensation when they respond.

CLX's pilot program, conducted over the last three months, involved hotels in the Marriott chain surveying consumers about their interest in special officers. CLX said the surveys garnered a 60 percent response rate.

In the past, CLX has done marketing campaigns for retailers, consumer brands, and marketing companies, focusing on sports drinks, athletic gear, and clothing outlets.



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