Kipling Launches First Global Brand Campaign

Kipling is introducing its first-ever global brand campaign designed to help the Belgium handbag brand stand apart from generic competitors.

Shot by Lebanese photographer Eli Rezkallah, the images feature models and Kipling bags within bright colorful backgrounds to demonstrate color blocking in a monochromatic world. 

Campaign ads include messages such as "A beautiful travel bag is one that stays light even when you over pack." 

The ads also feature a silhouette of the brand's monkey mascot alongside the Kipling name.

The images used in the campaign were crafted to work across multiple markets. The messages will be implemented in all regions worldwide, with each country executing the content in their selected channels ranging from online banners, social media, print ads, billboards and shop windows.

DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam worked with the fashion brand for over a year to create this cohesive global campaign. 



"DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam was able to step away from the traditional model, an approach that has been very beneficial in bringing out the best of our working relationship," stated Gwenda van Vliet, global marketing director, Kipling. 

“Being a global brand themselves, DDB understood our regional needs and created an outstanding globally consumer-validated campaign relevant for each region," added van Vliet.

Kipling, founded in Antwerp, Belgium, and named after British writer Rudyard Kipling, is best known for its crinkled nylon bags and monkey zipper. The 30-year-old brand has been a part of the VF Corporation since 2004.


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