Inneractive Kicks Off Anti-Fraud Effort For Mobile Exchange

Programmatic trading platform Inneractive on Wednesday launched an anti-fraud initiative aimed at cleaning up its mobile exchange and supply platform. Dubbed “Keeping it Clean,” the subsidiary of Fyber N.V. has partnered with Moat, Pixalate, and MobileWalla to help ensure clean ad inventory.

The effort aims to incorporate new technologies to verify, authenticate, and protect ad traffic on an ongoing basis. Inneractive said the measures are available in addition to adopting ads.txt on its platform, a tool that was released recently by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) that enables content owners to identify who is authorized to sell their inventory.

Inneractive’s partners in the anti-fraud effort are well-known to the digital ad industry: Pixalate tracks, monitors, and blocks fraudulent ad inventory and is accredited for mobile invalid traffic detection; MobileWalla identifies and flags suspicious IP addresses and ads with falsified physical location information, and Moat is accredited for viewability by Media Rating Council.

Inneractive said its clean market policies involve a regular purging of fraudulent traffic by routinely excluding and removing non-direct traffic sources from the marketplace, adherence to a supply-and-demand content policy that is aligned with industry requirements, and adoption of the IAB's ads.text tool that enables trading desks and demand-side platforms to more easily identify authorized digital sellers to help increase advertisers’ confidence in traded inventory.

“Ads.txt is a great industry collaboration around quality that we are actively promoting and we hope a similar approach will soon be applied to in-app inventory. That said, a truly clean market requires constant maintenance, and this is why we launched Keeping It Clean,” stated Offer Yehudai, co-founder at Inneractive, and current President at Fyber.

"There is still no silver bullet to combat ad fraud. Without a set-it-and-forget-it solution, a truly clean market requires a lot of maintenance. 'Maintenance' being the operative word. For us, this means the constant and consistent application of new technologies; nurturing and forging strong partnerships with players throughout the supply chain; and serving as a resource to our clients," Welby Chen, chief business officer, Inneractive, told Digital News Daily.

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