6-Second TV Spots On The Rise

TV adaptation of shorter five- and six-second commercials continues to climb — with consumer-products advertisers the biggest buyers, mostly on local TV stations.

From August 11 through August 29, Kantar Media says, $3.06 million was spent on these shorter-length commercials — $2.43 million for five-second spots and $625,500 on six-second spots — for 252 spots.

Kantar Media says advertisers spent $2.32 million — $2.31 million on five-second commercials and $10,722 for six-second commercials. Kantar says a total of 46 spots were sold since August 11. Kantar says the majority of these five-second spots were station program promos.

Broadcast TV networks sold $509,300 of these shorter-length commercials — $401,400 for six-second commercials and $107,900 for five-second spots.

Cable TV networks sold $225,000 worth in the period — $213,000 for six-second spots and $11,800 for five-second commercials. National syndication programming grabbed $3,450 for the month.



Consumer-products advertisers spent $178,400, followed by entertainment marketers at $129,078, food and households product advertisers each at $89,200, and TV show promos, $84,330.

Cable TV networks witnessed 197 short-length spots. Among individual networks, The Vice network has sold the highest number of shorter commercials at 66 spots, followed by two AMC Networks with 24 spots and AMC with 22. Fox’s FXX sold 22 spots.

Network TV had nine shorter commercials, all from Fox.

Fox announced its first national effort to sell six-second commercials on the “Teen Choice Awards” on August 13. Advertisers included Duracell and Mars.

This week, Fox says it will sell six-second commercials in sports programming, including NFL and Major League Baseball.

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