The Ultimate Cryptocurrency

Maybe you weren’t early to bitcoin. Maybe you missed the boat on ethereum. But you still want to get rich, right? Announcing the next big cryptocurrency opportunity: LyfeCorp. Get in on our forthcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Because, this is the ultimate currency—and therefore will be the most valuable coin you can possibly master.

The secret to determining the value of anything in the universe, including cryptocurrencies, is the following:

  • Scarcity. There has to be a limited amount of it. If it is easy to get, and people can just make more, it’s not going to be valuable.

  • Liquidity. There has to be demand for it. Trading, buying and selling. The more accepted it is by everyone, the more valuable. 

  • Usefulness. It needs to have a real-world function (think oil, wood, gold etc), which is why Monopoly money never went anywhere as a cryptocurrency.

The reason cryptocurrencies are all the rage is simply because at least on the surface, they fit these criteria. And you can get rich if you figure them out. But you need to pick winners. Currencies that will appreciate and that can be turned into anything will be the most valuable.

And that’s what LyfeCorp is all about. LyfeCorp produces the most valuable cryptocurrency out there—Attention Coin. How Attention Coins are traded influences how we make purchasing decisions, who we decide to vote for in elections, and what or who we decide to love or hate. Becoming a master of Attention Coins can give you the power to shape culture, take political office, or kick off a social movement that affects millions.

Still not convinced this is a great investment opportunity? Well, there are rules to becoming a connoisseur of this currency, just like other cryptocurrencies, and they all tie back to the basic principles of value:

  • Scarcity: Everyone on earth gets distributed the same LIMITED amount of Attention Coins, at the exact same rate. No exceptions.

  • Liquidity: Everyone must spend their Attention Coins immediately. Or they are wasted. No exceptions.

  • Usefulness: You can make your future Attention Coins more valuable by knowing where and how to direct them. You can also make other people’s future Attention Coins more valuable by providing meaningful ways for them to spend them. Because while Attention Coins need to be spent immediately, they can be turned into things that last—storable currencies, like memories, knowledge, feelings, and relationships; or creations, like art or writing. Attention Coins are at the root of everything from social movements to the global canon of literature.

Make no mistake, the value of Attention Coins are skyrocketing and the game is on like never before to mine these coins. With more content than ever before being created and more ways to reach you (think: new platforms) the value of attention is exploding. 

Think about it this way: Advertising is the gathering trading and selling of Attention “coins,” and for the first time in human history, two of the world’s most valuable companies trade in only these coins: I’m talking about Google and Facebook. Their entire business models are centered on the amount of time people spend with their technology, lending their attention to one bit of content or another, and they cannot grow in value without more people spending more and more Attention Coins on their properties. That’s why you see Facebook experimenting with original video and Google investing so heavily in improving YouTube’s content beyond cat videos—because creative, prestigious, long-form video is a reliable gold mine for Attention Coins.

Attention Coin is such a valuable currency that it even has a counterfeit market for it—one that’s grown while few people were, well, paying attention. So this counterfeit market has gotten out of control, and your Attention Coins are being stolen. Civil discourse is being shaped— and degraded—by where and how Attention Coins are spent. Take the “click farms” that published bogus news and learned how to game Facebook in order to fill users’ news feeds with their politically charged (and ultimately fake) headlines in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election. They ended up shaping political opinion, but not because they particularly cared who won the race. They were running ads on those fake news sites and reaping the revenue—their goal all along was to steal Americans’ Attention Coins and trade them for a few thousand dollars in display ads.

If you are in marketing or advertising, you are a licensed broker-dealer of Attention Coins. This is what you’re trading on. And while you certainly don’t consider yourself to be in the “click farm” business of counterfeit Attention Coins, it’s worth understanding that it’s a market under attack. It’s worth making sure that the Attention Coins you’re trading and dealing are valid ones—in other words, that your brand message is really reaching the right consumers. That you aren’t succumbing to irresponsible or shady practices of advertising like bogus views or ads that are susceptible to bot fraud. Understanding your industry’s own market, gathering and refining attention at the greatest scale, is how we as marketers shape the world.

In fact, I have been gathering your attention for the duration of this post. My hope is that it has been refined into knowledge of the value of your attention, and that you will dispense as much of your attention into not just being a top-notch attention broker on the job, but also creating positive knowledge and feelings in others and in experiences and memories in yourself.

The point is: You are all part of LyfeCorp and the Attention Coin market. If you actually take a more active approach to managing both your spending and your gathering of attention, it’ll make you more successful. Way more successful than any of those other cryptocurrencies out there.

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