WPP's Brand Union Appoints U.S Strategic Lead

WPP's Brand Union is appointing Vincent Roffers as its first U.S. executive strategy director to help refine the agency’s strategic approach to brand-building.

Roffers will be tasked with overseeing daily operations and management of client teams and relationships.

He plans to strengthen the New York office’s position as a "key driver of growth for the network and further develop it as a source of new thinking within the industry."

Roffers says he wants to establish the agency as a place that moves “faster and smarter” than its competitors.

“We are at a crossroads in the industry, where firms have the opportunity to make quicker decisions and learn from them in order to be better. And yet many agencies still operate as if they are turning a tanker ship,” he says.

“We need to take cues from all types of companies from large and multidimensional B2Bs to nimble and scrappy startups who are giving people permission to learn and adapt and take smart risks in order to create breakthrough thinking.”

He previously served as partner at brand consultancy Lippincott and as an associate director of strategy at Brand Union sibling firm Landor. Over his decade-pus career, he has led strategic relationships with clients including Dell, Verizon, Accenture, AIG, Saudi Aramco and Walmart.



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