Collective Unveils New, 1-Step Multi-Platform Ad Management Tool

Ad technology developer Collective this morning released a new advertising management tool as part of its enterprise management system.

The new tool, dubbed Multi-Platform Ad (MPA) is an enhancement to Collective’s Visto platform enabling customers to create and distribute a single ad across multiple platforms utilizing multiple creative versions “in minutes,” according to the company’s announcement.

 MPA is designed to reduce workflow associated with scheduling and distributing ads across multiple partners.

“During beta testing, Visto users experienced a 92% decrease in the time it takes to set up an ad buy,” the company said, adding, “Beta testers using the non-Visto process, setting up an ad via five individual execution platforms, spent a total of 85 minutes to set up their media buy. By comparison, those using MPA in Visto required only 7 minutes to accomplish the same set up across the same five platforms.”



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