Bing Officially Adds Fact Check Tag To Search Results

Bing now officially supports “Fact Check” with a label serving up in search results, enabled by the ClaimReview markup found on

This means a tag may serve up along with search results on, indicated by a fact-checking service such as Snopes. Google added this feature last year.

Websites can use the label with categories such as news, health, science and politics.

Bing suggests that websites should consider several factors before adding the schema to the page. Some of those include making the analysis in the content transparent, meaning make sure the reader can identify the sources and methods of sourcing with citations and references.

Ensure that it is easy to identify claims and claim checks within the body of fact-checked content. Readers should have the ability to easily identify the checked content and the conclusions that are reached.

Bing also notes that the page hosting the ClaimReview markup must have at least a brief summary of the fact check and the evaluation, if not the full text.



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