Advertisers To Upfronts: More Info On Content, Cross-Platform Data

Advertisers want more from upfront/newfronts TV and media presentations.

Top two content demands include “better ways for advertising effectiveness” and “cross-platform measurement.” Each earned a 36% number, according to a survey by Advertiser Perceptions, looking at this past spring’s presentations.

Other major topics that advertisers want to hear more about -- especially from digital platforms -- are viewability (31%); fraud, brand safety (30%); and audience reach, composition and engagement (29%).

This past upfront period saw declines in attendance at the Newfronts -- due to the pullback by some digital media companies -- as well as a few traditional TV network companies that abandoned glitzy upfront events. They opted for smaller meetings with media agencies and their ad clients.

Among digitally focused advertisers, the topic of cross-platform measurement topped the list (37%); “strategic partnerships” were the most cited by TV-focused advertisers (52%).

On average, advertisers attended 12 events in person or via simulcast, according to the survey.

Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 373 advertisers -- 54% media agencies, 46% advertisers -- during May and June 2017, representing 16 industry categories, with 33 of the top 200 advertisers and 49% holding positions at VP level or above.



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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, September 20, 2017 at 12:11 p.m.

    And advertisers really expect to get and absorb all of the required research in upfront and "media" presentations???Sounds to me as if what they really want is more party-like festivities, pilot screenings, free food and booze. But I might be wrong?

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