San Diego Zoo Seeks To Protect Rhinos

The San Diego Zoo and agency Epsilon are celebrating World Rhino Day on Sept. 22 with the “Let’s Turn Things Around” campaign to raise awareness and financial support for Northern White Rhinos.

The creative is designed to emphasize the urgency of the animals' plight: There are only three left in the world, all under 24-hour surveillance. The campaign shows a rhino "slipping away into nothingness" through an hourglass.

Viewers are directed to, where they can submit their donations.

The site also showcases how the Global Wildlife Conservancy is using funds, including  removing rhinos from dangerous areas and transporting them to protected spaces, as well as spending money to help programs for giraffes, African penguins and pandas via science, research and technology.

Epsilon will utilize its analytics to assist with the media buy that includes promotion across social media and owned channels through the end of the year. Epsilon’s digital media arm Conversant will run acquisition and paid targeting campaigns and will help determine what messaging will resonate emotionally with a broad, national audience. 



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