Social Media Delivers Sponsored Ad Revenues For TV Stations

Social media could bring in some $1.4 billion in sponsored-advertising revenue for local TV stations in 2018, according to a new study.

Share Rocket, a social-media research company for local TV stations, came to this determination in analyzing Facebook audiences of local TV stations' main brand pages and the sponsored-content revenue opportunities available.

Analyzing 12 months of historical impressions, video views and engagement across 210 television markets, Share Rocket determined the total estimated value for sponsored premium social media.  

Looking at specific market size, Share Rocket estimated the social-media value in the top 10 markets to be $446 million; for the top 20 markets, $747 million; the top 50 markets, $1.08 billion; and the top 100 markets, $1.3 billion.

According to the analysis, Share Rocket say the top premium social content for local TV stations is in Chicago. It adds that in the top five markets, station Facebook pages now have more “reach” than their broadcast signal. It did not supply further details.

For the long term, Share Rocket reports that sponsored social media content can be an even bigger deal by 2021 -- a $20 billion market, according to eMarketer.



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