Global Dignity's Call To 'Action'

International civic organization Global Dignity has debuted a new campaign called “Dignity In Action.” 

The campaign is tied to Global Dignity Day (today, Oct. 18) and is built around a Facebook Messenger chatbot named Faya, an animated French bulldog that invites young people to submit photos and video of the actions they are doing to build a world with more tolerance. 

“Of the many things that divide us, one true quality has the power to unite: dignity," said John Osborn, CEO OMD USA and Board Chairman of Global Dignity. "Let’s face it, the world needs more of it right here and right now. This campaign accentuates the positive qualities of dignity that connects each and every one of us around the world with a commitment to shared understanding and respect.”

As for the Facebook Messenger activation, Osborn added, “We know that young people around the world are attached to their mobile devices. The Dignity In Action campaign literally puts the values behind dignity in the palm of their hands and gives them an easy way to begin to engage.”





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