Google Attribution Rolls Out To Thousands Of Marketers

After years of trying to attribute the click, view and other consumer interactions, brands still struggle with attribution. Now Google is rolling out an attribution model it introduced in May, powering the platform with machine learning.

Google Attribution becomes available to hundreds of advertisers this week to help marketers follow the customer's journey from awareness to purchase and beyond. The changes aim to help marketers analyze how higher and mid-funnel clicks and interactions impact conversions, as campaigns add television, social, search and other media into the mix.

As an early tester of the platform, HelloFresh claimed to achieve a 10% increase in conversions since using Google Attribution. In a blog post, Karl Villanueva, head of paid search and display at HelloFresh, explains how seeing keyword and query performance continues to have a positive influence on campaigns.

Arkadiusz Kuna, SEM and remarketing manager at Pixers, gained a better understanding of its customer's path to purchase.

Google points to cross-channel features as one of the major improvements in the platform. "With your marketing spread out across so many channels (like search, display, and email), it can be difficult to determine how each channel is working and which ones are truly driving sales," per Google.

Google hopes that with attribution in AdWords, marketers can more comfortably move from last-click to a better attribution model, such as data-driven attribution, that allows marketers to more accurately measure and optimize search and shopping ads.

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