Rubicon Project Integrates Google DoubleClick Bid Manager

Rubicon Project on Monday announced the integration of Google DoubleClick Bid Manager in the exchanges private marketplace.

Bid Manager, a demand-side platform, is the first to use Rubicon Project’s new Orders API that allows agencies, trading desks, and advertisers to transact private marketplace deals from numerous media-buying systems without logging into Rubicon's media-buying platform.

The result, in theory, aims to give advertisers and agencies freedom from using multiple platforms, especially those equipped with programmatic technology.

Tom Kershaw, CTO at Rubicon Project, believes the announcement marks the end of having to use dozens of user interfaces to conduct business.

Advertisers will spend about $33 billion on programmatic ad buying this year, and of that, nearly 75% will go toward private marketplace deals, according to eMarketer.

Rubicon's publishing partners offer more than 35,000 individual private marketplace packages on its exchange. The premium inventory should ease marketers' concerns over seeing their ads on undesirable sites.



Rubicon Project is the first third-party exchange to have private marketplace deals listed in Bid Manager, according to Roshan Khan, senior product manager at Google. He believes the deal furthers Google's goal of looking for new ways to expose users of Bid Manager to premium publisher inventory.

The move by Rubicon and Google to connect the two platforms could come with tradeoffs. Marketers could see low impression volume and targeting issues that are known to take place in private marketplaces.

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