Campaigns Increase On Videology Software

Pharmaceutical, travel and consumer-product advertisers rank as the top spenders in the third quarter for data-enabled linear TV campaigns running on Videology’s advanced TV software.

Videology, a software provider for connected TV and video advertising, says overall advanced linear TV campaign spending using data -- mostly third-party data -- grew 60% in the first nine months of 2017 versus the same period of a year before.

Videology says 58% of its video campaigns ran on three screens -- PC, mobile and connected TV screens -- with 38% on PC and mobile and less than 1% each running on connected TV or mobile screens.

First-party data-enabled TV campaigns are still small compared to third-party research -- at 17% to 83%, respectively. Videology said such TV campaigns more than doubled from 2016, and were five times higher than in 2015.

Top categories using first-party data for their campaigns: Automotive, health/fitness, shopping, business and home/garden.



With programmatic video spending, 97% of its campaigns were pegged to “guaranteed CPM,” which guarantees reserved inventory and fixed pricing, when a marketer knows the volume and cost of the campaign before it launches.

Just 1% use a “vCPM” model -- in which advertisers are charged for impressions, defined as “viewable” by Videology or a third-party measurer. Another 1% used “dynamic CPM” -- when an advertiser has a flexible variable cost allowing “CPM control throughout the course of the campaign across auctioned and upfront inventory.”

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