Cheddar To Launch Streaming General News Channel

Cheddar, the over-the-top business and lifestyle streaming network, is planning to launch a general news offshoot, Cheddar Big News (CBN).

Unlike the main Cheddar channel, which is largely focused on business and financial news, as well as some lifestyle programming, CBN will tackle the big news headlines of the day.

A sizzle reel for CBN showed an anchor discussing President Trump’s response to a provocation from North Korea and Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference. It also featured lighter stories like the search for a cat that made its way onto the field during a Major League Baseball game earlier this season.

Earlier this week Cheddar announced that it would be building studios in WeWork offices across the country. As it expands into more general news, these studios can be repurposed to cover news from the city or region from which they are located.



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