Report: Header Bidding Is Thriving

Monetized header bidding impression volume  rose by 220% year-over-year worldwide in the third quarter of 2017, according to a PubMatic report.

Publisher-focused supply-side platform PubMatic released its 2017 third-quarter "Quarterly Mobile Index" report to identify trends in mobile advertising. It found header bidding is proving successful for publishers.

“Mobile, once regarded as the third screen, is quickly becoming the first screen for many consumers globally, which has accelerated header bidding on mobile,” stated Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO at PubMatic.

Advertisers are also heading to private marketplaces (PMP).

More than a quarter of programmatic decision makers in North America polled this spring said they will shift resources from open exchanges to PMPs “to ensure their ads appear across higher-quality publishers’ sites,” the report noted.

Average eCPMs (or "effective cost per thousand impressions") in the mobile PMP channel rose by 153% year-over-year in the third quarter of this year.



Monetized mobile PMP impression volume has expanded for seven quarters in a row; in Q3, it rose 75% in PubMatic’s platform.

On the publisher side, mobile PMP gave higher eCPMs. The report found mobile PMP eCPMs earned a 153% premium over the average eCPMs paid for mobile open exchange impressions.

While publishers continue to ramp up video production, nearly one-quarter of monetized video impressions in PubMatic’s platform were served on mobile devices in Q3.

Mobile video eCPMs earned an 8% premium over the average eCPMs paid for desktop video impressions during the same quarter, according to the report.

“Video ad eCPMs consistently outperform those of any other digital format, including social,” the report noted.

As video becomes a truly multiscreen experience, "opportunities will arise for publishers to add video ads to their existing mobile and desktop inventory to strengthen consumer engagement and extend audience reach.”

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