Email Part Of Jewelry Catalog's Digital Initiative

Rogers & Hollands, a 107 year-old jewelry cataloger, has put its catalog in digital format. And it is using email to drive customers to the site.  

Emails have gone out titled “The Holiday Lookbook—Start wishing,” inviting consumers to “Shop by your budget,” with gifts starting at $100. Headed by the line,“Merry & Bright,” the email informs recipients they can click to shop in the “2017 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.”

Customers who open the email can also link to separate product categories, including Wedding & Engagement, Watches & Accessories, Jewelry & Gems and Gifts & Guides. 

And they can click to read comments by guests, and to access the company’s blog, or to its content on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  

The email features several atmospheric photos, and the message is wrapped up with this statement at the bottom: “We know you have options — but we promise, we’re different. Unlike most stores, we’re a family-owned & operated jewelry company — and you’ve trusted us to help you make moments special for over 100 years.”



According to a spokesperson, Rogers & Holland has changed its email platform from MailChimp to Marketo.

Another email features the line, “Arrived,” and is titled, “The holiday lookbook – start wishing & forever create memories.” This messages features more product shots, including one of engagement rings and a couple kissing, with the line “I said yes!”

The company’s Ashcroft & Oak Winter brand is also featured as part of the online package.

Rogers & Hollands says its new catalog has hundreds of items, and is viewable on multiple platforms. 

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