Egnyte Offers Cross-European Compliance Platform

Egnyte, a provider of cloud-based content and governance services, has introduced a platform that it says supports compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation in all 28 EU countries.

The firm claims that it can detect personally identifiable information (PII) in the 24 official EU languages. PII includes national ID, bank account and national healthcare numbers.

"As businesses grow their global footprint they are responsible for managing customer PII in a variety of different countries, which presents a number of difficulties when it comes to following proper security and compliance regulations, like the GDPR," states Kris Lahiri, data protection officer and co-founder at Egnyte.

Lahiri adds that the company’s objective is to help businesses securely manage all of their content, in whatever country they are doing business in. 

Egnyte says it also provides:

Content Classification – Clients can use this feature to locate PII across the cloud and on-premises repositories, and to classify their content.



Data Residency – This allows customers to make sure their data never leaves the EU.

Egnyte says it also supports 3rd-party object stores such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

Real-Time Notifications – With this,customers can set up alerts so they are aware of abnormal activities, and notify authorities within the required 72 hours. 

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