B2B Loyalty Leads To Greater Email Open Rates: Survey

Loyalty is just as important a business driver in B2B as in B2C, judging by a survey from digital agency One North and communications firm Greentarget. 

Of nearly 100 decision makers surveyed, 94% said they are likely to open emails from a professional service organization (PSO) they are loyal to, and 51% said they would be extremely likely to do so. And it doesn’t have to be from a direct contact. 

But that loyalty is hard-won. Almost half of the respondents say they are loyal to only two or three professional service organizations (PSOs) out of an average of five that they employ.

Almost 95% of the respondents demand responsiveness, effective communications and deep knowledge of their business. And 75% will work with companies that display those traits.

In addition, 75% say that timely business intelligence also leads to greater loyalty. This includes information on issues they face, competitive data and industry analysis.

"Professional services organizations should aim to be a couple steps ahead within each industry they serve, look for ways to share important knowledge on an ongoing basis and build productive, professional relationships with clients," states Kalev Peekna, chief strategist for One North.



Peekna adds, "Client loyalty is not a given. Communicating and providing value at every step of the client journey is critical for PSOs to earn and maintain trust."




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