'The Atlantic' Names Lorenzoni, McRae VP, Ad Partnerships

Ryan McRae will be in charge of The Atlantic’s New York City-based sales team, as well as sales efforts on the East Coast and UK. (The Atlantic opened a bureau in London earlier this year.) McRae comes from Business Insider, where he was director of East Coast sales across its business and lifestyle media properties. He was previously director of digital sales for Guardian News & Media.

Liz Lorenzoni, who is based in Chicago, will oversee the staff and sales efforts in the Midwest and Western regions. Lorenzoni has been at The Atlantic for four years. Before this promotion, she headed many of the publisher’s native advertising programs and partnerships, for brands like Boeing, Zurich, Emerson and Porsche.



Both report to The Atlantic’s publisher and SVP, Hayley Romer.

Together with Michael Monroe, the vice president of creative marketing group Atlantic Re:think, Lorenzoni and McRae will make up The Atlantic's senior team for sales and marketing.

Native content drives three-quarters of The Atlantic’s digital ad revenue. That’s up from 2015, when Re:think drove 60% of the company's advertising revenue.

This year, The Atlantic sold and launched what it called the first branded podcast from a publisher marketing studio, called "The Future According to Now,” produced for Fidelity Investments, about technological innovation.

The media company also introduced the first responsive content native campaign, a three-part series called "Connected. Home,” for Google’s home automation company Nest.

Depending on the time of day, device type and historical content preferences, readers were served unique variations of a webpage.

User preferences also dictate the length of the article, the order of the features on the page, and which video is served. For example, if it's rush hour on Monday and a user is accessing the page on a phone, they will get a short article, but if it's Sunday and they are on a laptop, a longer article will appear, Anna C. Bross, The Atlantic's senior director of communications, told Publishers Daily.

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