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Discover Financial Airs Its First Six-Second Spot

There are long-form and short-form ads. Now there are really short form ads.  

Discover Financial debuted its first six-second TV commercial during the Ohio State vs. Michigan football game on Nov. 25. The company is the first in the financial industry to move forward with this new type of TV advertising, according to Discover Financial.

The spot, created by The Martin Agency, aired twice during the game and will air twice more during the Big Ten Championship game Dec. 2 on Fox. Spark Foundry negotiated the contract with the Big Ten for Discover’s sponsorship, which included the 6-second spots.

The goal of the spot is to show the excitement and joy Discover’s Cashback Match program can bring to a new cardmember, says Vijay Konduru, Discover’s vice president of media and sponsorships.



“There is a nod to brand reinforcement in the sense that it plays off our doppelganger theme between cardmember and call center agents, but ultimately we are hoping that the six-second spot, in combination with our 15s and 30s, drives long-term consumer consideration for Discover,” Konduru tells Marketing Daily.

The goal is to place a 30-second spot in the first quarter. The next break will show an in-game billboard lead into the six-second spot.

“This process should repeat itself in the third quarter as well,” Konduru says. “We want the combination of the 30-second spots, the in-game billboards, as well as the six-second spot to effectively connect with consumers.”

It’s too soon to say whether a six-second spot as a standalone unit is effective, he says.

“What we are excited for is to use the six-second concept in conjunction with our 15 and 30s, and in the case of the Big Ten Football Championship Game, with our in-game billboards,” he says. “The key for us is how these units can work together to tell a cohesive story to our audience.”

Before looking at the programming placement of a six-second spot, Discover Financial needs to make sure the spot itself is resonating with a wide-reaching audience. 

“We also need to make sure it supports the more traditional 15- and 30- second spots it’s working with,” Konduru says. “If the combination tests well, tells a good story, and delivers a clear message, it should be able to be placed on a variety of shows and platforms.”

The company will listen to the consumer when it comes to deciding which commercials to use. 

“We are always looking at data and listening to feedback for insights allowing us to better serve the consumer,” Konduru says. “That customer-first approach drives our business, including our marketing and advertising decisions."

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