Old Navy Ties Holiday Campaign To Giving Back

After Old Navy's high-profile announcement this summer that the retailer was forgoing celebrity ambassadors in favor of highlighting its fashion, it is now acknowledging the decision has some exceptions.

The company and AOR Chandelier Creative are teaming up with comedian and actress Jenny Slate to introduce several digital-only video spots for Black Friday to promote the retailer's Cozy Socks collection. 

In July, CMO Jamie Gersch was quoted as saying Old Navy has "no plans in sight for a celebrity" since "we've done a good job of finding scenarios that are engaging and hitting on what's going on in the world and how to make people smile without having to use a celebrity." Previously, Old Navy relied on a rotating cast of well-known brand ambassadors including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Elizabeth Banks and Amy Schumer. 



The new four “One Dolla Holla” clips play off Slate's Marcel the Snail character by having her voice several foot-wearing socks as they discuss this Black Friday holiday promotion. 

Old Navy will sell Cozy Socks for $1 a pair and for each sock purchased, $1 will be donated to Boys and Girls Club, up to $1 million.

This execution is joined by the "It's Electric" 30-second holiday TV spot that shows a group of kids sneaking out of their houses for a dance party wearing Old Navy’s cozy socks. The ad ends with a group of adults joining them to show that everyone can feel like a kid around the holidays.

This creative is part of the retailer's broader “Hi, Fashion” campaign which launched earlier in the year to promote relatable fashion.

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