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BabyCenter Content Studio Helps Aquaphor Launch New Line

New parents are constantly looking for tips and hints when it comes to caring for their new wards, and in the Information Age, answers abound from a variety of places. Among the most-visited is BabyCenter.

Looking to launch a new diaper rash line of creams and salves, Aquaphor turned to BabyCenter's fledgling content studio to create a 360-degree campaign that included videos, pre-roll, blogged editorial and social media. Through the campaign, the brand saw an advantage in leveraging BabyCenter’s 20 years of consumer insights to connect new parents with a new product. 

“BabyCenter is one of the top sites that new parents visit for advice and information, providing parents trusted expert information and advice from peers,” Erynn Keefe, marketing director for Aquaphor, tells Marketing Daily. “It reaches and helps guide parents on the journey from pregnancy to toddlerhood, so Aquaphor Baby is able to engage at many stages from registry to the moment parents are looking for diaper rash solutions.”



The content looked to take a “branded reality” approach to get moms speaking about real life. Among the elements were videos that showcased the developmental milestones most likely to produce diaper rash (such as introducing solid foods) and testimonials from parents about their experiences with diaper rash. Elsewhere, the studio produced a series outlining the diaper bag essentials for new moms and blog posts with topics such as “diaper rash tips from a veteran mom” and “7 tips for comforting the most severe diaper rash.”

“We were able to bring the Aquaphor Baby brand to life with the expert advice from a brand that has over 90 years of science and skin care experience, to an environment that moms and dads look to as a trusted source for advice and information,” Keefe says of the approach.

The results of the campaign spoke for themselves. The branded social videos outperformed BabyCenter’s video view goal by 55% (with 770,000 views a month). The pre-roll videos (which were cutdown of the “Milestones and “Testimonials” videos) had completion rates up between 80-90%.

“With 20 years’ experience under our belt, BabyCenter has an unparalleled amount of consumer insights and proprietary data about real life moms and dads as they navigate parenthood,” says Julie Michaelson, head of global sales for BabyCenter. “That deep-rooted intelligence helps guide our content creation with brands and ensures that the marketing stories we craft are relevant and authentic, as well as transparent and balanced.”
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