Shareablee Sports Division Analyzes NFL, MLB Social Data

Shareablee, which focuses on analytics and social media data, launched a sports division. The first analysis from the group analyzed how Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and National Football League (NFL) teams fared on social media during the past season.

Adam Holt, the head of the new division, said sponsorship contracts can be won by the smallest of margins. The stakes are high, he said, and advertisers demand a higher level of understanding as to the return on investment for considering a specific team. So the company launched the sports division to support an increase in demand from brands and advertisers for insights into sports partnerships

When it comes to MLB on social media, the data found that the Los Angeles Dodgers, runners up in the 2017 World Series, scored a victory over the World Champion Houston Astros according to Shareablee Sports, the new division of the data measurement company.

The National League Champion Dodgers finished 2017 with 27,865,740 total actions -- a composite of reactions, comments, shares, retweets and likes across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The Houston Astros finished second with 9,672,803.



The Dodgers finished first individually on Facebook and Instagram, while placing third on Twitter when it comes to total actions.

It makes sense that in terms of content posts, the Dodgers’ announcement of the team taking its first National League pennant since 1988 was the top post on both Twitter, with 82,449 actions; and Instagram with 207,839 actions.

On Facebook, the New York Yankees’ announcement that Aaron Judge won the 2017 Home Run Derby during All-Star week in July, was the top post.

Overall, Instagram saw the most actions of any social media platform with 203,001,807 total actions for all content posts on the platform in 2017, followed by Facebook with 80,367,240 posts and Twitter with 30,760,594 posts.

For the NBA as of October 2017, the Golden State Warriors took No. 1 for actions at 32,050,259 and 584,249 shares. The Cleveland Cavaliers came in second with 25,671,037 actions and 446,289 shares. Boston Celtics came in at 10,165,406, just ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder at 10,069,406 and L.A. Lakers at 9,354,473.

The NFL trails behind other leagues. The Pittsburgh Steelers, No. 1 on social media, hit a high of 11,847,179 actions, followed by the New England Patriots at 11,441, 832; and Green Bay Packers at 9,938,138. The Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles round out the two five teams with 8,582,608 and 7,997, 124, respectively.

The Dallas Cowboys have the highest audience rate of the NFL at 14,686,310, but the team's content and action per content fluctuated at 1,328 and 53,520, which shows they get more actions from less content. Seattle Seahawks show a similar pattern with 887 pieces of content vs. 41,847 actions per content. 

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