Melissa And DataDelta Form Alliance To Help With GDPR

Melissa has formed an alliance with DataDelta to help firms erase personal data and comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

DataDelta, a specialist in match accuracy analytics for firms that deploy master data management, is offering a "Right to Erasure Risk Audit" powered by Melissa, a provider of identity verification tools.

This product addresses a significant risk in GDPR compliance — Article 17’s right to erasure.

The companies warn that marketers are victims of their own success. Their data hubs and master data management practices have created “a perfect storm of GRPR risk due to C-level complacency and lack of awareness,” states Ed Allburn, founding president and CEO of DataDelta. 

He notes that “after spending often over $10 million creating 360-degree, single customer view…it’s natural to assume that right of erasure and other subject access requests would be reliably executed." 



That is an incorrect assumption, he adds. In reality, “customer hubs intentionally err heavily on the side of false-negative match errors,” he says.

Allburn explains that when “customer records have data quality issues such as misspelled names, low confidence matches are blocked even when they may be correct.”

He continues that “you cannot erase what you cannot find.”

This would be a costly failure under GDPR, he continues. 

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