Burger King Gifts Biggest Fan With His Own Restaurant

Burger King France is taking fan appreciation to new levels for the holidays.

To thank its biggest Facebook fan — Sullyvan K., who has posted 637 comments on Burger King’s Facebook page — the brand turned the BK location nearest Sullyvan’s home in Bordeaux into “his” restaurant.

The building (above) was wrapped with an enormous bow and a gift card reading “For our best fan, Merry Christmas, Sullyvan.” Large letters installed above the doors spelled out “Home of Sullyvan K.”

The superfan — whose ecstatic reactions were recorded on video (below) — was also given a table, parking space, plastic tray, Whopper box and napkins bearing his name. 

Best of all, he now has a card that entitles him to free meals at the BK whenever the urge strikes, with whomever he likes.



In addition to winning goodwill through its royal treatment of Sully, BK is looking to engage and build loyalty with a contest promoted at the video’s end: The fan who posts the most comments under the video (which is embedded on BK’s Facebook page, as well as featured on YouTube) will receive a year’s worth of free Burger King.

Ho, ho ho…ld the onions.

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