Cox Launches 'Converge' Content Play

When you’re a company that uses technology to bring stories into people’s homes, perhaps its worthwhile looking into how to create your own stories for your customers as well. 

Cox Communications has launched “Converge” a new content platform intended to bring the company closer to its consumers through content, rather than traditional advertising mechanisms. 

“It’s designed to bring people into a new brand experience for Cox that we haven't had before,” Shana Keith, director of public relations for Cox, tells Marketing Daily. “Consumers prefer to engage with content vs. banner ads, and they prefer to do so with stories.”

Converge will organize its content along three different categories: Community (stories that illuminate the things Cox is doing in and around the communities it serves); Entertainment (connecting people to the hottest shows, movies, sports and other popular culture), and Technology (telling consumers about the latest technological developments). 



In addition to creating its own content (such as showing off its annual “Smart Home” showcase, and updates from the Consumer Electronics Show), Cox will work with companies like Common Sense Media, Music Choice and the Hallmark Channel to create and share content on the platform. Already, the company has worked with Crown Media Family Networks (home of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) to create a holiday celebration package. 

The entire initiative is a way to strengthen ties between consumers and the brand in a way that makes the brand more relatable, Keith says. “We’re trying to humanize the brand. There’s a lot of stories we can enable. We’re really trying to build trust with the brand through this content.”

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