Following Harassment Investigation, 'NYT' Suspends Reporter Glenn Thrush

Following an investigation The The New York Times launched last month to investigate political reporter Glenn Thrush for allegations of sexual misconduct, the reporter has been suspended for two months and removed from his position at the White House.

A statement released by The Times condemned Thrush’s behavior and said it had conducted dozens of interviews “with people both inside and outside the newsroom.”

“We understand that our colleagues and the public at large are grappling with what constitutes sexually offensive behavior in the workplace and what consequences are appropriate,” the statement read. “It is an important debate with far-reaching consequences that we helped spark with our journalism, and that we’ve been reflecting on internally as well.”



The alleged misconduct took place when Thrush was employed by Politico and The New York Times. Following the accusations, Thrush was also removed from his post at MSNBC, where he is a contributor.

According to reports, Thrush has also entered substance-abuse rehabilitation and counseling independently. With his suspension, Thrush will be required to receive training to improve his conduct in the workplace.

“Each case has to be evaluated based on individual circumstances. We believe this is an appropriate response to Glenn’s situation,” the statement continued.

In November, several women accused Thrush of unwanted groping and kissing, in a story published by Vox. 

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